Boy oh, boy!! Is there a lot that has been going on in my life the last seven months. A lot with relationships, my work life, and fun stuff too.

I am really starting to think about renaming my blog, a lot of things has changed in my life, for the better. I have so much to talk about!

First thing, first. About six or seven months ago, I dropped a lot of dead weight that had me stuck in a rut. The Lord sure know what to do in order to put you on a path for better. And with that, there is nothing else to be said.

Moving on. So….. about work, as you know i do occasionally post under the “Dear CoWorkers,” section which is my little ranting session. Nothing to take too serious, but just a way to express a little frustration. Plenty has happened with my work life, getting more opportunities that The Lord has allowed me to take advantage of has been simply AMAZING!!

I am in a really great space in my life right now and it feels great. I’ve been smiling so much these last few months, and i know its only because my relationship with God is getting better.

in the upcoming post ill share with you my most recent travels. I’ve been to the West Coast to the East Coast, and eager to share with you all.

Stay Tuned 🙂