Late night conversation has opened my eyes to something new. What I just experienced was just short of life changing. My good friend and schoolmate Eddie Redds and I were working diligently on writing our reports for our respective class. When he wanted me to listen, so he could edit his story. Of course I said yes, because I can always use a break from homework. Little did I know, I had just agreed to go along with him on a journey to a new world.

Who would have thought a simple school assignment would bring he and I to this point and much closer as friends. I only have so much space and time to put this unique experience in words for my website, but I will find a way to tell his story through my eyes in multiple post to come. His dream could be as  long as a novel, hints the reason why after sharing this experience I suggested he document it in a book. Again I can only share a few thing in this post right now, but will be sure to come back and give you more. I am painted a very vivid picture from the start of this dream he had, I will attempt to share my interpretation of this story.

Imagine yourself sleeping, and being awoken by three really tall things! Sounds kinda crazy right? But hear me out. The creatures are all of 15 feet tall, slim bodies with wing that are designed with the colors of the rainbow, somewhat like butterfly, but better. The aroma of these three creatures was sweet, something so heavenly, a smell that I could never forget. In the dream while he was lying on the bed with the creatures standing talking to him I stood alongside the wall listening, not knowing what to think or if i should do anything. But as they instructed him to come with them, not being aware I followed right behind.

This is just a snippet of what I encountered. it is a lot to process and I know some may say its far-fetched, but stay tuned more of my interpretation of Eddie Redds dream is to come.